Session Info

Live Sessions

The way to set up a live session is by first sending me an email detailing what you are looking for from a session.
Include your interests, a name to call you by ( I don’t like not knowing who I am speaking with) and your age.
Be sure to let me know the best way and time to contact you, whether by email, phone call, or text message.

I mostly cater to the older gentleman, but younger clients are fine as well. 18 and older only, please.
This is strictly domination only; I am a Dominatrix, not an Escort.
After I get the first email completed in the fashion I spoke about above we will then have a phone consultation.
If we are compatible I will see you for a session.
Remember I am for the serious only.

DVNC Studio

I do all live sessions at my home based studio DVNC.
Many themed rooms.
Couch theme and Kitchen area. Shoe Room. Medical Room
Cage in a huge old working vault.
Dungeon. Cross dressing area platform. Many wigs, large amount of make-up, .Faux Nails, Huge selection of outfits, panties,stockings, bras, garters, jewelry,heels, boots etc…etc….
I like to record my sessions and take pictures. Clients that are OK with this will still have complete privacy. No names and faces and any markings that may identify the client will be covered up.